Services We Provide


  • Identifying tailor-made solutions for each project.
  • Providing cost effective proposals.
  • Following-up whole process starting from production phase until delivery to customer.
  • Arranging transportation, customs, import & export services.
  • Liaising with all parties in order to ensure smooth transportation, customs, import & export services.


  • Providing technical support and ensuring delivery of all relevant documentation (instructions, specifications, quality documents etc.) in relation to the products.
  • Creating and implementing solutions to financial and operational problems.
  • Following-up payment terms and reporting to all relevant parties.
  • Providing 7/24 support.


Following-up and providing reports on:

  • Industry dynamics and market trends,
  • Importer & exporter countries,
  • Importer & exporter companies,
  • Commercial risks.


  • Clients’ satisfaction awareness is the main goal to achieve, TPE Global organized itself as a competitive structure and employs experienced personnel who ensure organization.
  • With the characteristic feature sheltering electrical and mechanical disciplines under a single frame, We focus to satisfy the clients’ shortest requirement to greatest requirements in the various fields of applications such as; design, consulting, contracting, material supply, workmanship, test and commissioning, operation and maintenance, at high-tech industrial plants, intelligent building applications, automation of process control, etc.
  • TPE Global, with the guide light of the main philosophies , has obtained considerable achievements completing many great projects both in Turkey and in various countries.


  • Offer Stage: Project service contract is being done with investor group and/or investor group representative employees and/or architectural group.
  • Design Report: Project system selection alternatives and description of system details for establishment, standard relations and typical schemas are being prepared as a presentation and submitted to investor group
  • Shematic Design (Preliminary Project):Firstly, electrical shaft and reservations are planned on preliminary architectural drawings. Design report coordination informations are being taken in to account for schematic design stage. Preliminary ceiling and floor electrical layouts and principle single line schemas are being prepared as drawing format.
  • Design Development Project (Tender Project): Schematic design informations and coordination requirements are being taken in to account. Schematic plans are divided to electrical set plans as lighting, small power, power distribution, fire alarm system etc… Detail design, calculations, panel wiring diagrams, final capacities etc.. that are being finalised on tender project stage.  When tender project is completed, tender specifications and BOQ are being prepared. Tender stage starts accordingly. During the tender stage, contractor candidates’ questions are being answered technically. Finally, when investor is selected him/his electrical contractor, electrical tender project service is being completed.
  • Project Controlling ServiceProject controlling service will be started if investor required to taken project controlling service. Scope of the services are; reviewing electrical construction projects and providing comments as a report to investor side. Also, electrical contractor’s project revisions and other change offers are technically checked and reported to investor side.
  • Consulting ServicesConsulting service are done in scope as follows; tender documentation preparation, tender package checking, preparing of system feasibilities, budget preparation, concept project preparation, technical reports for electrical engineering of project services, electrical engineering calculations etc…
  • AS Built Project Service: AS built project is done by electrical contractor as constructed project at the site.
  • Fitout Project ServiceTenants project checking and approval procedures are organized with site tenant coordination team. Also, current capacities and tenant requirements should be matched with tenant coordination team.