Who Are We?

  • TPE Global enables rational and swift offering of products and services supplied by small and medium-sized manufacturers to local and international markets, notably to the enterprises established in Africa, Middle East, Asia, Eastern Europe regions with best competitive prices and quality possible.
  • The  referring strategy that we have, conveys our manufacturers to set up an unrivaled market rather than getting share from the current market share. In more details, it is required to build a market instead of setting up a brand for improvement and evolution. This can be achieved through detailed analysis based on concrete real market data and high dose of creativity.
  • In addition to those, companies in local and international markets can acquire proposals for unlimited number of goods and services they need by means of facilitated and  too rapid offers that will enhance their competitiveness. In this way, today’s business world could find a true answer for two undisputed factors -time and cost problems.
  • TPE Global aims to give support on  purchasing, sales, and marketing activities of those organizations in order to find new demand & supply companies in niche market portions worldwide by utilizing communication and transportation technologies of contemporary science even though the restriction of being a small and medium size enterprise.
  • TPE Global was founded considering the fact that the whole world becomes a giant market for each company of each country thanks to becoming widespread of globalization concept, smoothening communication and transportation means, and declining importance of boundaries.